About 🌻


SunflowerRaes is a handmade, slow fashion brand created by myself: Sanchia Keeleigh Grayβ€”a craft OBSESSER.

I fell in love with crochet three years ago and it's been a dream ever since to bring rainbows, sunshine and of course sunflowers into everyday lives.

EVERY item is handmade by myself. Therefore a lot of time, effort and of course love goes into making every piece.
I've always found it hard to find unique items that not many people own, I have forever been very AGAINST fast fashion for many reasons: the effects it has on the environment whilst being made, the underpaying of staff, not to mention the amount of clothes that gets sends to landfill every year. For as long as I can remember, I have brought my clothes from OP shops ensuring not to purchase anything from fast fashion labels.

I'm currently working on making my brand completely sustainable.

I already use plastic free packaging, I keep my scrap yarns for making pom poms so I ensure I'm not wasting anything by throwing it out and I am extending my yarn range to cotton and acrylic yarn cotton yarn will be prized higher than acrylic! all my yarn is vegan friendly!!.Β 


I want to be the best I can be as a brand; ensuring less waste, caring for our planet and most of all bring you the best funky items I can.

Watch out for new designs, collections and up-cycled clothing!!

Thank you so much for the support.